3DC offers a full stack On Demand Manufacturing Saas Infrastructure (Auto3D) and an On Demand manufacturing button (Shop3D)


Auto3d.co provides a workflow automation / MES software for manufacturing. Our software automates and streamlines the entire manufacturing process, helping companies achieve highly automated production processes. we use the latest in machine intelligence to help companies coordinate their manufacturing processes, with tools like production scheduling, project management and supplier integration.

Our flexible software platform helps companies unleash the full potential of additive manufacturing.


Shop3D is the world's first and yet unique 3D printing manufacturing plugin. Shop3D built an On Demand Manufacturing software so that you can focus on what you love most: designing beautiful products. The plugin takes care of manufacturing. It's really your factory in a button. With shop3D you can start selling physical products worldwide from your digital 3D files. the plugin automatically process your files into physical products via our software and worldwide manufacturing capacity. Shop3D is your Manufacturer in the Cloud partner.